Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Time is zoooming...

Another new year sees my darling boy turning 11...

It's still all about the ball for Nicholas...
Although I think he was most pleased with his new Scaletric set!
We all went out to dinner on his actual birthday, but Mum wasn't feeling too good, but we still saw her and I'm not sure what Nicholas appreciated most - his new amazing 1GK Goalie gloves or a silly moustache pencil! 

On the Saturday after football, Nicholas had two buds round and together with Lee and Alex we went over to Brentwood to go go-karting. 
Both my boys have always loved the rush of racing and they all loved it - even Samuel after a bit of encouragement!

Pizza, cake and a sleepover rounded off a very lucky young man's birthday.


Date night

Being so close to my darling Daddy as I was, I feel it's important for Cassandra to have the same close relationship with her Daddy.
So last week Lee and Cassie had "date night".  They both got dressed up and he took her out for dinner to Moza, the Indian over on the Festival leisure Park in Basildon.

They had a lovely time and Cassie tried many new foods.

As for the boys and I - we went to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them...


Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 - welcome

As per our previous few years, we started a family tradition of going for brunch on New Year's Day - down to the Arches along Southend's seafront.

After yummy food, it was time for a brief spell on the beach, skimming some stones and being thoughtful about the year to come...

Happy 2017 - bring it on!


Sunday, 15 January 2017

A tad late....

Better late than never..

Santa brought the kids geeky glasses this year!

 Happy beasties!
Nannie always comes round to join in the festivities.. 
Our annual games/card session

And then we did it all over again on Boxing Day round at John and Barbara's!


Saturday, 24 December 2016

She only went and won!

We often venture into our local toy shop - Toys n Tuck in Southend when we're in town and this week we made a special visit as we had received a call to say that Cassandra had won the 21st Day of Christmas prize in their competition.
She had to come up with a reindeer name - Sparkle was her choice and it was obviously a good one as she won a Fur Real Friends cat whom she named Misty.

Happy days!


Way to go Alex!

SO SO PROUD of Alex - he was featured in his school's newsletter this week as one of their pupils who was celebrating a number of subject commendations - Maths, English, Computing and RE.
He's at the end of the front row, on the left!


Hunt the reindeer..

The Leigh Ramblers football team that Lee manages and coaches completely changed this year.  A number of players left for various reasons (none to do with Lee) but it was great as there is now a lovely group of lads with wonderful 'team spirited parents'.  Makes things far less stressful for an already stressy boss!
One of the team is a lad called Samuel who Nicholas gets on REALLY well with and as a family, we're getting to know his family better too.

So the other week, just before Christmas we all met up over at Wat Tyler Country Park for various activities which included a reindeer hunt for the girls - Samuel's got a little sister who's 6 called Lilly and her and Cassandra get on really well.

It was then back to Matt and Carly's for some tea and a natter.  Before we realised it is was getting late and home beckoned.

Will definitely have to do it again next year!


Thursday, 15 December 2016

One photo, 20 words

Dam, that is one BIG truck!