Monday, 20 February 2017

Still all in one piece... just!

So on my "bucket list" is "go skiing".  So that's what we all did this half term.  We went off to Borovets in Bulgaria with my best friend Martyna, her hubby, Kevin and their two kids Millie (who's Cassie's best friend) and their little boy Jesse.

After a 2.5 hour delay sitting on the plane on the tarmac due to no one being available to actually physically put our luggage on the dam plane, we all arrived in Bulgaria, too late for dinner, but we were treated to a ham sandwich and an orange!
The following day saw us all in various levels of ski school - some of us being better than others already!
I had paid (via a great Groupon offer) for Cassie to have some lessons up at the Sno Centre in Hemel Hempstead last year and it paid off, as she and Millie were in the same ski school class.

We were all in different classes, but every now and again we'd meet up, by sheer chance and be able to have lunch together!  It was great being able to give the kids some independence by having their own lunch monies and having to take their own equipment up and down the slopes...

Nicholas was just a natural.. he totally canned it and was skiing red and black runs by the end of the with with Kev..

Lee was particularly proud of himself as was I, and it's another thing I can cross off my list - being able to ski down a mountain!!
So there's me thinking that it would be Nicholas that got injured, but no, it was me.  I've had issues with my left knee since I fell down the stairs with Cassie when she was only 18months old and I tore the ligaments in my knee due to crashing through the babygate.  That and the fact that a week before we flew out, saw me in A&E for 3 hours with a muscle injury in my right arm after playing badminton.  This all meant that when I did fall over (big time), I decided to stop skiing on day 4, as I just wasn't prepared to make things worse in the long run.

After skiing each day (10-3pm) we tended to head off to a sledge slope - the kids loved it there!
Whilst the Brodhurst family were staying in the Hotel Rila, literally opposite the slopes, we were staying about a 5 minute walk from the action, but through the snowy woods each day was not a hardship..
At the end of the week, we all "graduated" from ski school (some having done better than others) and Alex had his Snow Activities Scout badge signed off too.
Lee was quite proud that Leigh Ramblers got to go on tour!
And one of Alex's favourite things to do was get the fire going in our lodge every night.  Once a scout, always a scout!
It was an AMAZING (but exhausting) holiday, with GREAT friends.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Leroy the Redneck Reindeer

So after MONTHS of song singing and positioning and dance step learning... 3rd Prittlewell Beaver Scouts, finally got to put on their performance of Leroy the Redneck Reindeer last night.
Cassandra, who at auditions had given up the role she really wanted to be (the little girl) to Lexie, played the part of Rudolph - and what a cutie she was too!
 Rupert was our amazing Santa
 And Charlotte played Leroy - Rudolph's cousin
All the children did really well in remembering their lines and most of the dance moves and I'm sure all the parents, grandparents and siblings enjoyed it.
Way to go kids - you were all awesome!


One photo, 20 words

Just gorgeous!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Just a bit of girl time

Whilst my little lady can indeed be a bit of a moo, I love her dearly and the past week or so has seen her having to be dragged around after the boys and their activities a little more than usual.
So, on Wednesday, after I'd dropped Alexander off at YMCA club, I treated her and took said beastie to Creams for a milkshake and a waffle!

Enjoy that she did!!!


Monday, 23 January 2017

Whitechapel - 1888

So I've wanted to do the "Jack the Ripper" walk up in London for ages and on Saturday Lee and I finally got there and it was brilliant!
Five infamous women..
*Mary Nichols, murdered on 31st August 1888.
*Annie Chapman, murdered on 8th September 1888.
*Elizabeth Stride, murdered on 30th September 1888.
*Catherine Eddowes, also murdered on 30th September 1888.
*Mary Kelly, murdered on 9th November 1888.
Our guide, a guy called Johnny was totally the part, all dressed up and that and he was so knowledgable about the murders it was a bit concerning to be honest!
Jack the Ripper was originally named "Leather Apron" due to his work on his victims..

There are many companies that offer tours, but we went with one that used a mobile projector so that in certain places, you could see what the area used to look like!

This is the actual doorway in Goulston Street where the murderer left his only clue - a piece of apron from one of his victims - Now the "Happy Days Fish & Chip" Shop!
Was a BRILLIANT evening out, can thoroughly recommend it!


Friday, 20 January 2017

One photo, 20 words...

So proud of my little lady - stage 4 achieved!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Time is zoooming...

Another new year sees my darling boy turning 11...

It's still all about the ball for Nicholas...
Although I think he was most pleased with his new Scaletric set!
We all went out to dinner on his actual birthday, but Mum wasn't feeling too good, but we still saw her and I'm not sure what Nicholas appreciated most - his new amazing 1GK Goalie gloves or a silly moustache pencil! 

On the Saturday after football, Nicholas had two buds round and together with Lee and Alex we went over to Brentwood to go go-karting. 
Both my boys have always loved the rush of racing and they all loved it - even Samuel after a bit of encouragement!

Pizza, cake and a sleepover rounded off a very lucky young man's birthday.